The SEGGER linker and SOMNIUM assets

Startups come and go, some make it, some don’t. The embedded tools market is especially tough even for those that know it well, and being able to innovate and be successful¬†needs true insight. To cut to the chase, SEGGER have acquired all intellectual property assets of SOMNIUM Technologies.

Killer features of the SEGGER linker, or what’s wrong with the GNU linker?

In the previous post, Rolf described some of the progress that we¬†have made on the brand-new SEGGER linker. In this post I examine the gnarly problems with the GNU linker and how they are easily solved by the SEGGER linker. A follow-up post will examine more of the linker’s capabilities.

Performance tuning our software

As you may have noticed, SEGGER have introduced a cryptographic algorithm library, emCrypt. We released this product as existing and new customers wanted to use the “hidden” cryptographic capabilities of emSSL but didn’t need to run SSL/TLS as a protocol. Well, that is not entirely true, some customers already had licenses for emSSL but also […]